Finding the perfect cabinets for a kitchen is no easy feat, and it’s also not the end of kitchen decision-making process. To complete a kitchen’s style, it’s important to pick out cabinet hardware that matches the cabinets’ finish. Check out the best ways to incorporate hardware with black, iron, polished chrome and Venetian bronze finishes.

Black Finish

Because most people’s counters and walls aren’t black, black finishes can stand out boldly in a kitchen. For this reason, it’s popular to pair black finished hardware with white or other lightly-coloured cabinets. This is not the only option, however. Black finished hardware can also look nice with dark wood or painted cabinets, blending in for a less dramatic look. When aiming for a contemporary design, black is a good way to go.

Iron Finish

Iron cabinet hardware is a dark grey colour that makes any kitchen look polished and sophisticated. It can also be used for a more rustic or industrial look, such as with cabinets made of reclaimed wood or metal. To make iron hardware pop, select it for bin pulls paired with traditional white cabinets. It can also tie in black or silver appliances or door hardware.

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome cabinet hardware exudes a refined, borderline futuristic style. Lightly coloured and reflective, polished chrome is a great way to add edge or a sophisticated finish to any cabinet style. This style works especially well with the clean, minimalist lines on white shaker cabinets.

Venetian Bronze

Venetian bronze cabinet hardware adds an antique touch to traditional, dark cabinets. It blends in well with dark surfaces, and it won’t contrast with other colours in a kitchen. Venetian Bronze is also a uniquely matte surface, which is perfect if homeowners don’t want too much shine in the kitchen.

While these are four great options, there are endless possibilities for cabinet hardware and finish combinations.

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