At Upper Canada Specialty Hardware, we are always grateful for the opportunity to work with passionate professionals in the design industry. Evelyn Eshun is one such professional. Evelyn is an interior designer with a love for travel, architecture, horses and all things design. She brings her unique and diverse set of cultural experiences to every project, translating her clients’ design visions into stylish and functional spaces.

About Evelyn

Evelyn Eshun was born in Wroclaw, Poland and spent much of her childhood in Ghana before moving to Toronto. This early experience, living on three continents before she turned 26, inspired a love of travel that continues today. She attended Ryerson University, graduating with a degree in interior design. She began her professional life as a small business owner, opening a paint and wallpaper store before transitioning to her own interior design business in the heart of North Toronto. She continues to travel far and wide, seeking out new perspectives and experiences to inform and inspire her work.

Evelyn’s Design Philosophy

Evelyn believes in combining a logical and practical approach to the creative space. No problem is too big, and the solutions that come from overcoming the greatest obstacles are often the most beautiful. Evelyn believes that every interior should reflect the client’s style.

We are proud to work with engaging and creative partners like Evelyn Eshun—people who care about bringing their client’s dreams to life through every little design detail. We are passionate about providing the highest quality specialty hardware for designers, renovators, and more. Since 1987, we’ve been catering to homeowners and businesses with discerning tastes. Visit us today or take a tour of our virtual showroom online to find inspiration for your next project.