Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Door Hardware in Toronto, ON

At Upper Canada Specialty Hardware, we display from a wide variety of suppliers to give our customers sliding door hardware in all styles, shapes and sizes. Whether you’re replacing or installing new doors, we can help you decide the exact hardware you need to get the job done right.

Sliding Door Functions

Designers use sliding doors to give homes a more open feel. They come in many different styles, which all use varying hardware. Check out some of the designs that inspire our product line.

  • Top Hung Sliding Doors – These applications are the most common and may be ceiling mounted, typically for a pocket door application or wall mounted for a modern barn door or ‘loft’ application. Because the weight is spread out through the precisely engineered ball bearing hangers, even a large heavy the door can be very easy to move. Today, ‘catch ‘n close’ or ‘soft’ close is the most popular and appealing way to operate the door. No more banging the door off a rubber stop or kids getting little fingers pinched. Self-closing and motorization are also very popular options available.
  • Invisible Track – If space at the header is an issue or you simply don’t want to see any track on the door, there are systems that conceal the entire track. The door appears to magically travel across the opening. The weight of the door is supported from the bottom.

Updating Sliding Door Hardware

Up-to-date sliding door hardware is essential to the style and safety of your home. Homeowners should look out for tell-tale signs of hardware in need of replacing, such as the door becoming harder to move or tracks coming loose. For top hung doors, your wall or ceiling supports the door; you want to ensure you have the hardware that can support such a heavy slab of material. Outdated or broken hardware should be replaced immediately to avoid any damage to your structure.

Replacing and installing your sliding door hardware is made easy with the help of Upper Canada Specialty Hardware. Contact us today or visit our showroom to find solutions for your home.